Friday, May 31, 2013


Who remembers the Vice President that spelled potato with an e? 

It was 1992 and I was only 21 but remember to this day the incident. Even though I spelt it correct before that it was such a publicized error that I think about it every time I go to spell the word.  Thankfully the difference I have with Mr. Dan Quayle is I am not running for Vice President because there are days I could add an e to anything!

Potatoes can be put into 3 categories: low starch (waxy), high starch (starchy), and medium starch. 

Low starch potatoes are your typical round, white or red skinned potatoes found in most supermarkets.  Small and round being the key words here.  They are creamy, hold their shape and stay moist in potato salads, soups and gratins.

High starch potatoes are the most common in the supermarkets.  Russets, also called Idaho become dry, flaky, yet fluffy when cooked.  They absorb other goodies such as milk and butter so make wonderful mashed potatoes.  If you are baking or frying a Russet is also your best bet.  Fingerling's are also high starch.

Medium starch potatoes are your standard yellow potato. My favorite all around as they combine the best qualities of both groups above.  They have enough starch to make a good mashed potato yet they also stay moist and hold their shape for a good old potato salad.

Now that we have covered the 3 categories of potatoes there is one that does not fit into any of the above so easily.  Basically because a true New Potato can be any potato that has been harvested young before the plant dies back.  So you can have a red skinned new potato, a russet new potato and a yellow skinned new potato.  Most of the supermarkets label small red potatoes as new potatoes but most of the time they have been harvested after the plant dies but they are small.  This is not a true new potato. 

When buying potatoes look for firm, sprout free spuds.  They should not be showing any signs of green color on the flesh which means it has been over exposed to light during the growing season.  If they turn green after you buy them cut of the green spot before cooking.  One other thing I do that drives my kids crazy is I literally smell the bag.  There is no hiding a rotten potato!

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  1. Most excellent tips to know, thank you for sharing them!

    1. I love your sentence. Most excellent tips... I may borrow it ;)

  2. I love potatoes! White, red, purple - just not green or black! Haha. Thanks for the info.

  3. Great overview, thanks for the hint about "new" potatoes.

  4. I love potatoes inlcuding potato chips!! I'm a new fan from Linkin with My Ladies :). I want to invite you to my blog party happening till Monday night. Stop by and meet wonderful bloggers like yourself :). Happy Weekend!!

    The Wondering Brain

  5. I'm a potato junkie (meaning I could eat them at every meal) but some of that stuff is new to me. Thank you for shedding light! And I don't remember the VP incident but I'd hate to think how many words I've added a letter or two to! :) PS. I sent you an email last week about ordering soap. I'm thinking it might have gotten lost in your inbox but I'm still interested if you have some for sale!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop! I'd love to see what you've been up to this week :)