Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hen & Chicks Soap

I will be running a June special so be sure to read all the way through to the end to find it.

These are some of the past soaps I made, wrapped and mailed out or delivered.  I am working on a soap video but it won't be done for a bit.  My son had it all worked out on another computer that does not have internet but we can't seem to save it to a disk to put on my computer.

Listed below are the scents that I will have for the summer.  I cut the bars at 5oz and they last a very long time if you keep them out of puddles of water.  The cost is $4 each bar and shipping is always priority.  A small box can hold up to 7 bars for $6 shipping and any more than 7 bars cost $11 shipping.

I send out paypal invoices and mail out the next day after receiving your payment.  You may also pre-order soap that I list that isn't quite ready yet.  These soaps will be ready to mail out June 1, 2013.

Honey N Oats
English Rose
Almond & Cocoa Butter
Black Amber & Lavender
Blackberry Sage
Turkish Mocha
Mayan Gold

June special!  I made by request a Lemongrass with a touch of lavender bar.  It uses essential oils and will be $3 a bar!  You do not have to order a certain amount. You do not have to order with any other bars. Once they sell out the price will be gone too.
THEY ARE GONE!  However I am now listing Orange Grapefruit as the June special since the Lemongrass sold out before June began.

For individual soap descriptions see my soap facebook page.
Ready to place an order?  Email me at henandchicks@live.com

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  1. I'm a little confused about the pricing on the soap, when you say a small box for 6.00 is that for each bar of soap, or is that the price for the whole box of soap? Just wanted to know so when I order some, I know what to order. Thanks so much. Penny Newton

    1. Penny! I see how it was confusing! I went back and tried to make it more clear. Each bar is $4 unless it is a June special bar which is the Lemongrass. Shipping is either $6 or $11. I am sorry for the wording but thank you for pointing it out to me.

  2. Angela, that lemongrass soap sounds amazing. I am emailing you with the hopes that you still have some in stock! Thanks for linking up with me at Walking Redeemed!