Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Wild Raspberries
A bee came buzzing by
And told me to follow
He said, "Just look at all these berries
There's more than you can swallow."
Raspberries, so swollen and ripe
Like picking candy, off the vine
Buckets and buckets full
I’m so glad they’re mine.
I keep picking and picking
And easily off they slide
I can never get enough
Over my lips, they glide
My ruby red mouth
Will be stained for days
The way my teeth hide the seeds
I’m totally amazed!
Oh raspberry you’re beautiful
Red nectar of the season
I think you know…
You give life a reason!
What is not to love about raspberries?  This year we are adding fruit to our gardens.  We have 1 raspberry and 2 black raspberries.  But how do you take care of them?  Don't they just grow on their own?  Well, yes but there are things you need to do to get the best harvest possible. 
Raspberries are called brambles.  Brambles are prickly bushes with edible fruit: a prickly bush of the rose family, especially blackberry or raspberry canes.  There are two types of brambles and you need to know what type you have, bought or want to buy.  Florocane produce fruit on previous year's growth.  Primocane produce fruit on current year's growth. 
Florocane                                                                Primocane
Summer Red Raspberry                                      Fall Red Raspberry
Black Raspberry (not blackberry)
Purple Raspberry
Summer Red produce on previous year and the canes that produce will die the next year and you can prune it back to the ground in spring.  Make sure to not cut new canes.
Black & Purple also produce on previous year but these you need to prune during the year to stay about 28".  You will also cut the canes that fruit back to the ground in the fall after harvest not waiting until the spring.
Fall Red Raspberry produce on new growth each year.  Prune back to ground in fall or winter when dormant before new spring growth.
Until we planted raspberries I never knew there was so much to learn! 
Plant some whatever you do and enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for some good tips. I have Summer Red, Fall Red and Black Raspberries. I didn't know that they were treated differently. My garden had a mess of canes this spring and I realized that I had some pruning ahead. Your post clarifies how to prune.
    I enjoyed the poem--I love raspberries too!

  2. You are welcome Carol! I didn't know they were treated differently either!

  3. Great tips! Thanks for sharing on the Farm Girl Blog Fest!

  4. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post on raspberries. I love them!! Not much grows in our rocky soil without a lot of work and expense. Thanks for sharing this over at WholeHearted Home.