Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bird of the Week

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Both male and female have light to golden green upperparts.  Adult males have a gorget (think gorgeous) a bib of iridescent feathers that changes in color with viewing angle.  They belong in the order of Apodiforms which means no feet because people use to believe they didn't have feet.  That they constantly flew around but we know that they do have legs though they are tiny and weak.

They migrate mostly to Mexico and Northern Panama. The map shows where they are distributed during the summer months.

Their wings can beat between 60-80 times per second! Up to 200 times per second during mating dives.

Normal straight line speeds average 25mph.

Females spin their nests from spiderwebs and plant materials.

Eggs are about the size of a small jelly bean.

Most hummingbirds die after their first year but if they make it average 3 years.

They feed 5-10 times per hour for about 30-60 each time.

This first one is a female notice it is lacking the gorget.
This one is s male notice the gorget.
It is easy to coax them to a feeder and it is easy to fill it.  You can even make it in a few minutes.  It does not have to be tinted red for them to find it the red on the feeder is enough.  Here is a simple syrup recipe.  Keep the leftover syrup in the refirdgerator.
In a pot boil for 2 minutes 1c of white sugar and 4c water.  Let cool.
How wasy was that?

Bird of the Week:
Rose Breasted Grosbeak

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