Friday, April 19, 2013

Organic Seeds

Organic seeds?  Aren't they all the same? 

No.  They aren't all the same. 

Does it matter?  I mean they're just going in the ground right?

Non-GMO? Heirloom?  You mean that machine they use to make rugs? 

Sometimes I wonder if answering all those questions is even worth it!  I homeschool and that is enough weird I can handle at times.

If you are at all concerned with the food you put into your body you should also care about the seeds that food is grown from.  When a company grows crops for their seeds they are highly sprayed with synthetic chemicals often at higher rates than food production.  So with this you have a toxic environment, toxic farm and now toxic seed.

What exactly does heirloom mean?  You know that quilt your mom has that great grandma made?  That is an heirloom.  It is a one of a kind, unaltered.  It is that same with seeds.  Those seeds that have been around since untold times that are not genetically altered.  They are also not under a patent. Which means Monsanto does not own them. 

The two companies that I use are High Mowing Organic Seeds and Baker Creek Heirloom.
Their catalogs alone will make you droll or want to become a gardener!
There are many others just search and educate yourself about the companies practices.

If your seeds come with the give away pink coating and this warning, please do not buy them!

According to the FDA‘s website, these are some of the labeling requirements for treated seed:
Section 201.31a (d) of the FSA regulations requires seed treated with a chemical not assigned to Toxicity Category I by EPA to be labeled with, “Do not use for food,” “Do not use for feed,” “Do not use for oil purposes,” or “Do not use for food, feed, or oil purposes,”

Happy Gardening! 

P.S. If you came back today looking for the post on garden row spacing and weeding it is not here, yet.  The rain kept us inside yesterday.  Try back tomorrow or better yet sign up for email updates and it will be sent to you.  I have also added a facebook page for another way to receive updates.

Day #1 Spring Gardening
Day #2 Tools & Planners
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Day #5 this post
Day #6 Garden Row Spacing & Weed Control

After today and day #6 all that will be left is the hard work...

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  1. I bought my first organic seeds this year. I have met a couple ladies through blogging that I was able to purchase them from. I am so excited to get them in the ground. The cost wasn't much more then regular seeds from Walmart. Thanks for the great post and for sharing at The Gathering Spot this week. I will be happily following your progress :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting Diane. I also hopped on over to Amazon to snatch up the free ebook on essential oils.

  2. Hi Angela! I'm so glad you came by my place so I could find you! I've eaten totally organic/range-fed for years, but have never grown my own. But, you've got me thinking...
    Blessings to you ~ Mary

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and chat Mary!