Friday, April 19, 2013

Garden Row Spacing & Weed Control


Let me warn you before you proceed. 

I am an amateur at video making but it sure was fun!

I promise to learn more about making videos and I promise to use them more. 

I compare it to those sudoku puzzles that challenge your mental capabilities.  I often loose my train of thought so this HAS to help.  Or else I will look really dumb.

My garden measures 40X40.  Each spring I take my oldest out and we measure out rows and string them every 2 feet.  We have found that gives you enough room to walk, kneel to harvest and spill over from foliage.  One year I made our planting rows wider and it was back breaking to have to lean over and pick green beans.

When summer gets going and things start growing weed control is the biggest quandary.  If you have gone through all the hard work putting in organic seeds you don't want to sabotage your efforts by using chemicals. If you look around at what you already have you may have a good start to keeping things manageable. Pine needles pile up year after year and provide great nutrients that work well in walk ways.  Leaves as well as grass clippings work great too.  Be very careful to just add all this green matter to walk areas as they can burn newly emerging seedlings.  Once plants are grown you can take the now brown yard matter and place it around the plants for more weed control. 

Thankfully if you are a gardener you likely enjoy the hard work that goes into keeping it all healthy.  Nothing will totally take care of weeds but with these measures along with a good old action hoe and your God given hands you have the cheapest and most efficient vitamins known to man. 

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 You can see this picture from last year the rows and grass clippings that have turned brown.
This is the last day in a 6 day garden series, be sure to read those.
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