Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday Link Up

A garden review.  Things that I did different this year:
1.  No till
2.  No crazy, exotic things
3.  Extra green bean and beets
4.  Added fruit
Why?  I am getting older and the things that I think about are different than when I was you know, younger.  My boys are getting older and working outside of the home which was a sudden reality. 
That meant that I either had to change my garden plans or shut up, do it by myself and enjoy it.  While I do enjoy it, it is a lot of work.  So this year I kept my row of flowers that is low maintenance.  I also added grapes, raspberry, rhubarb, blueberry and asparagus which after the initial planting are pretty much minimal maintenance. 
How are things going?
1.  Love the no till.  I think the soil is richer because of all the mulching and the weeds are less though not gone.
2.  I did not waste any space with exotic things because of adding the fruit and asparagus I also did away with space.
3.  Last year we ran out of green beans before Christmas.  This year I plan on not doing that again!
4.  All the fruit is growing well and I wait with anticipation for next spring since most of it will not produce much this year. 
My flower row of zinnia, cosmos, baby's breath, and calendula.

Red and gold potato patch.

French green beans, beets, cucumber and basil.

Tomatoes!  Beets!

I have 2 strawberry beds out of the garden.  We are transferring them in the fall to be inside the garden fence.  Onions and cilantro.

Red and white onions.

Pepper plants.

1 of 3 concord grape vines.

Baby grapes!

Tomato growing out of it's cage.

Swiss chard.

1 of 3 raspberry brambles.


1 of 2 blueberry bushes.

Baby cucumber!

The storm literally rolling in.

My hosta bed with cardinal vine on the trellis.

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1 comment:

  1. Your onions look delicious! Beautiful garden - We're doing raised beds and I am finding greater success - nothing as beautiful as yours, though:)