Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pallet Firepit Bench

First things first!  Getting the pallets!
That becomes easy if you know the right people.

Pry off the bottom slates.  Being careful to salvage them as they will be used later on.

We measured and it ended up that a good width to sit on was equal to 3 slates. 

Those salvaged slates now go in front and in back to make a skirt if you will.

4 done without legs.  We had 4X4's laying around so that is what we used for legs.  Cut at 161/2 inches.

Sitting by the firepit! 
Reeses Smores
2 toasted melty, gooey marshmellows
2 graham crakers
1 mini Reese cup
You can handle it from here...
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Have you done nay pallet remodels?

  2. How cool is that? Not only is it totally functional and very appealing to the eye, it's a project my boys would LOVE! Thank you so much for sharing. And for linking up with me last week at Walking Redeemed!

  3. Wish I could hop on over from Great Britain and join you! Shared this great idea with my husband - he's a carpenter and has quite a lot of offcuts.
    See you again at on Sunday.

  4. Great idea! I love upcycling material and there's so much you can do with pallets.