Monday, April 22, 2013

Hen & Chicks Soap

Why I started making soap.
Honey N Oats is the first soap recipe I made. My children and I were tested for allergies and found out that we are all sensitive to milk (yes, even raw) and wheat. I began trying to eliminate these things from our diet. I also began to research alternative things to use for our body care regimen to help our immune systems get a break to repair themselves. At this same time I started menopause and I started having breakouts on my chin and neck. I had been a faithful user of Dove sensitive soap for many years and I began to notice it just wasn't helping with my acne. I was told by a friend about a company who made a face soap with a 0 on the EWG scale. I tried them and loved their soaps. I started buying them and had my teenage son start using them and he noticed a difference. At the time I was paying $6 for a 3.5 oz bar but over the next few months they increased the price to $8 a bar. Plus I was paying $10 for shipping from California. We were also hooked on Dr. Bronner's Peppermint bar for the bath. So we were spending alot on soap and shipping. I am always trying to figure out how to do the things we do better or for less money so I began to read about soap making. Would you believe with our recent move God placed in my life a friend I knew from a while back who made soap! We talked and talked and I read more and read more. Made my first order of essential oils, bought oils, round up my spare pots and measuring cups, watched a few videos and made my first batch of soap. I have since made a batch of Cocoa Mint to replace Dr. Bronner's and several other favorites like Lavender Castile and Almond & Cocoa Butter.
I hope you will try my handmade soap and fall in love with the quality and love that goes into each batch.
Review by Jill's Home Remedies
It has a wonderfully mild scent, not offensive or perfume-y like commercial bar soap. It lathers beautifully and washes off cleanly. This is good stuff, folks! ~ Jill
Review by Linda's Lunacy
The Oats and Honey soap has great fragrance, you can smell both the oats and the honey, but it is not an overwhelming fragrance. That would make it a perfect soap for a man, too. My skin is definitely softer than it was before I started using this soap. This would be an awesome soap for dried, cracked winter hands. ~ Linda

Review by Raising Mighty Arrows
WOW! I LOVE it! It lathers and rinses well, smells GREAT, and made me feel a lot cleaner knowing that it is all natural.~ Heather
Review by Living Beautifully
Angela's soaps are made from organic oils, additives and essential oils! So not only do they smell wonderful, they are wonderful for you! ~ Rachel
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40 bars of Honey N Oats that I wrapped and packed today.
The other 100 bars that were wrapped and packed today!
These are the soaps that are available to purchase. All bars average 5oz and are $4. If you order 12+ bars they are $3.50 a bar. I ship priority for $6 (ships up to 7 bars) and $11 (anything over 7 bars). I send out paypal invoices for payment. You can leave a comment or email me at
4  Sweet Fennel
6  Rosemary
1 Dreamsicle
4 Gingerale



  1. Your soaps look wonderful. I love homemade soaps. Great prices! Thanks for sharing at The Gathering Spot. Enjoy your week :)

    1. Thanks for always visiting Diane. I am thankful for your blog parties!

  2. you soap looks gorgeous! i will for sure come back!

    1. Thanks Shelby! I am starting a giveaway on Saturday so stop by.