Friday, April 26, 2013

Bathrooms First

The first room I rush to when company comes is the bathroom.  Anyone else? 
It's funny even if there is only a slight chance they will use it I do not want to present a dirty washroom if they do use it.  Now granted if there happens to be unexpected company I welcome it!

Besides the kitchen you might think the bathroom is the hardest room to clean without using chemicals.  Bathrooms do present more of a cleaning project but it can be done.  First of all we need to talk soap scum.  Soap scum basically happens because of the water you have not by the soap you use or don't use.  Because we all know how often boys will take a shower and forget to use soap ;)  If you have hard water you are prone to soap scum.  Soft water not so much.  I tell you this because I use soap to clean with.  And if you have soap scum you might think that you wouldn't clean soap scum with soap.  But now we know it is because of the water you have. 

I always, always vacuum the bathroom first.  If you are going to be down on your hands and knees at the toilet you do not want to be kneeling in dust and hair!  Vacuum the whole room including all the baseboards.  Don't skip this step.  It brightens the whole room when you do not see dust collecting on the ledges of the boards or molding. 

Run your sink half full with hot water.  Add about 1 tsp of eucalyptus essential oil and a bar of soap.  I use my homemade soap and cut the bars in half.  Throw it in the sink to start dissolving a bit.  With a cleaning washcloth swirled around in the water start with the walls.  Wash them all down.  You may have to remove a picture or two but do it.  Wipe off the frames.  Clean out your wash cloth often.  Wash down the baseboards.  Wipe off all the door knobs, light switches and cabinet handles. Isn't it already starting to smell clean? 

I spray Seventh Generation over the toilet making sure to also spray around the bottom where it all meets the floor.  You know, where the missed toilet puddles occur.  You know it happens!  I use toilet paper to wipe everything down throwing it away as I go.  Scrub the bowl with a brush.  Flush.  See why you need to vacuum first!?

The shower.  Wash all the walls with soap and rinse.  Take a bottle of vinegar and splash it all over the bottom of the tub.  Sprinkle it with baking soda.  Instant scrubbing bubbles!  If you need any extra scrubbing power use Bon Ami. 

Drain the sink and take your washcloth.  Soap it up and wash down the sink, faucet and wipe down the cabinet.  Use your hand towel that was hanging up and wipe down the mirror.  Replace hand towel, refill any soaps for the shower, razors, shaving cream or shampoo.  Close the curtain.

Mop the floor pay attention to any spots that need some extra scrubbing.  Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar.  Using an old toothbrush scrub grout. 

Done!  Smile over a job well done.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and read a bit.

Don't forget the best places to get your cleaning supplies.  Use the link for Swanson's for $5 off your first order and remember to tell Dianna's Sugar Plum Sundries Angela Czepinski sent you! 

Check back Saturday night/ Sunday for a chance to win.  I will be giving away a box of soap!  A bar for the shower, a bar for the sink and a bar for cleaning.  Signing up for email updates is easy, look for it at the top of this page.  You can also like Hen & Chicks on facebook for updates.

If you missed yesterday's post please visit and see where your cleaners rate.

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  1. Girl, you KNOW I am with you on running to that bathroom first, lol!

    I remember when the boys were little and had friends over. One day we had seven little boys playing in our home and let me tell you, that bathroom needed some MAJOR cleaning afterward, if you know what I mean.

    I was almost tempted to tear it down and rebuild, lol!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today! :)

  2. I use most of the same routine minus your cleaning soap! I bet it is wonderful!

  3. I'm all for "natural" cleaning! This sounds like a good way to get the bathroom sparkling. =)